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    "Amrita" All Around

    Before writing a single word in this guest book, I would personally like to give many many thanks to Ms. Ganga, Mr. Pradip and their well groomed team for their marvelous hospitality. The place is heavenly located which is overlooking the dense valley and thick forest pouring "Amrita" all around. Thus the name of this place has proved its worth. We cannot compare the facilities and gesture received here with any high star hotel. Quite homely feeling with personal touch and affection. God bless you for your endeavour.

    Anil and Shubhangi Deshmukh | Mumbai
    ( 28th Nov, 2017 to Dec 1st 2017)
    If you need inspiration, visit this place.

    First, sincere apologies to Ganga Aunty and Pradeep Uncle for writing this so late. It would be a criminal offence if someone who has been to Amritasthanam does not write a review. This place truly deserves this. It did take me a while to finally do this. But I am so glad I am writing it.
    Where to begin? We were there for 4 nights in December. If one needs inspiration in life, they must visit this place. An ideal example of unparalleled natural beauty and tremendous human effort. The natural beauty of this place will definitely leave you spell bound. But the effort put in by the owners over all this time is the real reason behind the magic of this place.
    This place suits both kind of tourists. If you are someone who wants to make the most of their Coorg visit by making it to all tourist attractions, Amritasthanam is decently close to major attractions. Also this paces succeeds in helping you cut off from the frenzy of crowded tourist attractions to take you into serenity.
    If you are not much into tourist attractions, then this is the perfect place to stay around for a while and take some time off for yourself. Natural beauty of this place is beyond words. The view from the window is world class. Sitting in your balcony and staring a setting sun at the backdrop of numerous hill ranges is a routine we never missed. It was a meditation in itself. Apart from this the estate has beautiful and dense tree cover .If you actually find time to take away your eyes from this balcony view, there are plenty of coffee trails for trekking and some daily workout.
    The rooms and washrooms are great and super clean. There is a small library in every room. The service is flawless. The food is one of the best I have had in a long time. Plenty of variety for the vegetarians and non-vegetarian. Pancakes were my favourite!
    But more than all this, the level of hospitality and homeliness you will experience here is unparalleled. From amazing dinner table conversation to impromptu singing sessions to the walk under the stars; it was all surreal. Hats off to Ganga aunty and Pradeep uncle, not just for the hospitality but also for the hard work put in everyday to make this place what it is.
    Whatever walk of life you come from; a busy business executive or someone trying to find inspiration for their creative venture or someone who just wants to take some time off from the rut of their urban lives, you MUST visit this place.
    You will come back rejuvenated and changed for sure. This place will pump in all the calm and serenity you need to go through your busy urban lives for the rest of the year. . We will definitely want to go back to Amritasthanam soon.
    Room Tip: Try for the second floor room for the best view.

    Indraneel and Supriya
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    Fantastic view of Mountain ranges and Sun set from the rooms.

    Experience Heaven on Earth. I had never seen before such a Magnificent view of Mountain Ranges and Sunset from any property. Well furnished rooms with balcony's, very tasty break fast, snacks, dinner. Tea is rejuvenating. Hosts are lovely couple, ready to help always. The silence ever experienced by me, is this property. Very positive vibes felt in the property.

    RaghavendraPac, Bengaluru
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    Perfect place to destress and relax

    We started out thinking of Serai Kabini but because of the long weekend (26-30 Jan) weren't able to get rooms in any the resorts in Kabini or Bandipur.. So decided for the next hop -- Madikeri.. We were looking to avoid the usual crowd and hullabaloo, preferring to stay at a quiet place.. during the searches, came across Amritasthanam..
    The location of property was excellent..It's a well planned estate and has good amenities, given the location.. The rooms are nicely done and on par with international standards..The houses are perched atop a hill..And the views from balcony are breathtaking..Not to mention the pleasant sound of birds from the vast canopy of trees underneath.. There are small trails within the property to explore ... You can spend half a day exploring the property, vegetation and coffee plantations within..
    The owners, Pradeep and Ganga were very friendly and gregarious.. we felt as if we are paying a visit to our family!.. Had nice conversations with both of them, including the other guests during breakfast and dinner..
    The food was excellent..We had outside food at Madikeri restaurants a couple of times but the quality outside is awful when compared to what Ganga and the Amritasthanam staff offer.. everything at Amritasthanam is perfectly hygienic...and organic..The home made desserts and salads made by Ganga were heavenly..I had the most delicious carrot cake, topped with baked plantain, apple sauce and Vanilla ice cream!.. the chicken and fish fare were mouth watering but healthy at the same time..
    The rooms, beds and the decor inside is tasteful.. Everything is classy..
    The estate is located at about 8 kms from Madikeri town center..The drive from town to Amritasthanam is lovely with very few vehicles and touristy stuff..And I really enjoyed driving through the last 1-1.5km narrow stretch of road ..it really takes you away from all the hustle bustle of mundanity that you are trying to escape..
    All in all, a perfect vacation..

    RYossarian84, Mumbai
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    It was a wonderful experience to stay at Amritasthanam. It is a beautiful homestay nestled in the forests of Coorg. So quiet, so peaceful and so close to nature. The place is very well maintained, rooms are well appointed with great attention to details. All this, with the delicious home made food adds to the experience. Then there are wonderful nature trails on the property which bring you closer to your inner self, besides nature. The view from the balcony was enchanting. An ideal retreat for rest and rejuvenation. But most of all, it is the charming hostess, Ganga, who adds life to the surroundings and makes this place a "home stay". Her exuberance was infectious. Her hands down approach was so endearing. She has the great quality of being able to connect with everyone. Going with very nice memories. Will love to visit again. Best of Luck.

    Major General G.P.Singh, New Delhi.

    Dear Ganga, The view from Amritasthanam is as beautiful as your outlook on life. Thank you for everything and all the best.

    Timothy Ladner, Australia.

    I literally stumbled upon this property and cannot begin to say how lucky I was to be accepted by you. I have had a truly wonderful time in this gorgeous environment, a tropical heaven that is a feast for the eyes and the soul. I love the rooms and can see the pure love that has been put in to build up this beautiful home. It cannot have been easy but it shows every bit of love and care it has received. And Ganga, your hospitality and friendship, warmth and positive energy, are amazing and made our stay extra special. I have been so inspired by your passion, commitment and your bold vision.

    Margaret Thevarakom, Singapore.

    This was one of the best stays of my life. The infinite greenery, the sweet smell of spices in the morning, the sense of freedom that this place gives are just amazing…. But most of all, I really enjoyed your company and your view of life. This was by far the best part.

    Alia Al Kasimi, Morocco.

    Ganga and Pradip have created a beautiful place. Every room conveys the love and thought you have put into making this place wonderfully peaceful, tranquil and beautiful. The view is breathtaking, the bedrooms clean, spacious and comfortable, the food yummy and the company superb. It is also so good to hear about your work in the community, be it pickup of the garbage, to helping with the development of school to raising awareness in the community about protecting the environment. May the positive energy of the universe always be with you.

    Dee Jethwa, SriLanka.

    We had a wonderful stay. Wish we could stay longer. The rooms and grounds are beautiful. Your hospitality and conversations are much appreciated.

    Sara Buono, California.

    We enjoyed our stay here immensely. I was worried about travelling with our 2 year old, but Ganga immediately put our fears to rest. My son is usually very cranky in new places, but I was thrilled to watch him enjoy the stay here. The biggest plus of Amritasthanam apart from the nature, clean rooms etc. is Ganga herself. You can even make introverts like me mix in a crowd. Love this place and will come back here.

    K Priya, Bangalore.

    Amritasthanam has exceeded our expectations of a homestay. It has provided everything we needed. Peace and quiet, good food, nature walks and wonderful hosts, Ganga and Pradip have created a little piece of heaven on earth here amongst the trees. We have enjoyed the views and the sunsets from our balcony and waking to the sounds of the many different birds. Thank you for making us feel at home and for your hospitality. Thank you both so very much for welcoming us into your home. We loved your attention to detail and also our 7:30 a.m. tea sitting in our balcony overlooking the majestic mountains. We wish you continued success and good health and we hope and pray that our paths will cross again sometime in the future.

    Helen and Ian Lucas, Melbourne, Australia.

    Thank you for a wonderful weekend in this beautiful haven. Beautiful surroundings, delicious food and wonderful hospitality. We will recommend this place to our friends and hopefully will get the chance to come here again.

    The Kealey Family, Ireland.

    The first time I spoke to Ganga , I felt instantly comfortable, it felt like I had known her for some time. We chatted like old friends. When I finally came to Amritasthanam, it just seemed like an extension of her personality. The quaint and quirky touches to the warm and homey interiors. The meals at the dining hall were presided over by a loving and benign drill sergeant ! The priceless view of hills edged with white lace , all of it added up to the much needed break from the usual, and on that front this "adorable" place with heart and character delivered and how!.We will certainly be back at the next opportunity.

    Priya Shivakumar, Mumbai.

    Amritasthanam – a home stay in its truest sense, a wonderful getaway. We loved the interiors. The entire place is very well maintained and well manicured. The pretty blooms in the garden and the vegetable garden, OMG, it's a great feeling to be self sufficient. Very courteous and hard working staff. Ganga really has springs beneath her sole. I have never seen someone so energetic and enthusiastic about life. And most importantly, the way she connects to people ( guests, staff , her dogs, plants, etc. ) is amazing. The entire place resonates tranquility and peace and one eventually tends to reflect them back. So, everything put together, I guess just made our trip. Thanks a ton. We are definitely going to spread the word and are looking forward to our next trip already. All the best and Just keep Rocking.

    Vidhya and Vivek, Chennai.

    Thanks so much Ganga for the hospitality and the flowers you sent daily. Thank you so much for the good food. Learnt a lot from you about how to create our own world to fulfill our dreams. Thank you for a reminder of Girl Power. Your place is Amritasthanam, your hands are Amritahastam, your words are Amritawakku, and your actions are Amritakriya and your hospitality is highest on the scale of hospitality. I had the deepest sleep ever as observed by my wife, daughter and myself. Thanks a lot for the wonderful experience here.

    The Reddy Family, Hyderabad.