About Coorg Homestays

Homestays in Coorg aim and ensure to contribute towards and conserve local culture and heritage as well as create a distinct, authentic and reliable tourist accommodation and experience. The stay here gives the tourist a personal experience of the life of people in Coorg.

There are considerable numbers of homes providing home stays. The owners set aside one or two bedrooms for guests. Most of the homes provide bed and breakfast. Lunch and dinner is served upon request at an additional cost. Luxurious bedrooms, attached hygienic bathrooms, total privacy and of course... "Indigenous Coorg Cuisine".


Ganga Ena and Pradip are the owners of Amritasthanam. Originally from Delhi, India, they moved to Canada with their daughter in 1989, with the hope of always returning home to offer a piece of India, as they know it, to their friends and family abroad.

After travelling throughout India for 17 years, to places such as Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Goa, to look for a perfect place to build their home, they finally discovered Coorg and all it had to offer. It has taken them 5 years of hard work and dedication to build Amritasthanam into a place they feel is unlike anything their guests have ever seen. With their love of the region, a place they now call home, they encourage guests to come experience the fruits of their lifelong search and labour.

Ganga Ena is an experienced and certified Yoga teacher, practicing since year 2000. A teacher of Hatha Raja Yoga, she has studied yoga at Sheridan College in Canada, Sivananda Ashram in Kerala and Esther Myers Yoga Studio in Toronto.

She wanted to combine her love of India, yoga and nature and offer it to all those willing to experience it. With her husband, Pradip, and her two dogs, Darcy and Dantes, by her side, she offers a beautiful experience for travellers, explorers and yogis alike. Her daughter Shaaista's support and good wishes have always been there in this project even though she lives away from home. Ganga's staff will keep you well-fed, well-comforted and well-entertained throughout your stay, leaving you for want of nothing.

    A quote from one of our guests

    A place of absolute tranquility, peace and freshness, which instantly
    connects with your inner voice and makes one feel ' this is just where I wanted to be'.

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